Fast Blues (with Gas & Alba)
What?!?! Blues... Fast? Have you ever heard a fast blues song and did not know how to dance it? Then this is your choice!
Struttin' (with Adamo & Vicci)
Struttin’ is a one-step blues dance that originated in Jook Joints. It lends itself well to dancing to up tempo music, in small spaces, and allows lots of creativity in footwork and body shaping. Interested? Pick it!
Performing the blues (with Joyss)
Do you like acting? Do you like being the center of attention? Do you want to improve your communication skills? The answer to all of this questions is right here! Choose this track and be part of the show!
African american body movement (with Alina)
Are you interested in learning the roots of the current blues dancing? Do you want to learn a bit more about your body movement and how to be more creative? I believe this is the track you are looking for, do not hesitate and choose it!